Transformational leadership

How do I motivate my team and get them to see and work for the same vision I have in mind ? There are a lot of leadership styles and advices out there waiting to be employed – I chose the transformational approach by J.M. Burns evoking trust, respect, loyalty and admiration for the leader in the team.

I would like them to perceive me as a role model and trust my decisions. I would like them to see the same goal before their eyes as me and act in order to accomplish this goal. So, what can I do to become a transformational leader?


J.M. Burns said in 1978 that as a leader I have to:

– act as a role model and live my goals, values and believes. I have to be authentic.
set clear goals for the team. I have to make sure that those goals are achievable and cherish the moments of success with the team. I will show pride for the work accomplished in order to motivate even more.
– offer all needed ressources for the accomplishments of the goals so that the team can work independently and autonomously. Ressources include material and time but also knowledge.

– create fair rules within the organisation. Everyone can participate and nobody is at an advantage. The organisation is open, transparent and inspires trust.
explain clearly what is expected of the team and what will happen if the expected is not accomplished. The team is responsible for the task and the fulfilment.
– act and take decisions always based upon the chances, risks and the consequences for the whole organisation. It is business oriented.

A good leader listens to the team with an open mind and is curious about the proposals for improvements. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi found out in several studies that a good leader is often characterised by ambition, integrity, optimism and energy.