Thanks, Rand Fishkin

I am taking advice from Rand Fishkin and learning from his talk at the SMX in Sydney. Instead of talking in depth about new marketing techniques, optimization of specific channels or presenting success cases, he took a step back and focussed on the underlying basics. In order to be a good marketer there are basic principles that we should keep in mind, no matter what channel we use. Rand lists a lot of good tips and those are the ones that stick out for me and that I want to take to heart:

– Never forget you’re building a brand

All the effort you are doing – from content on page to affiliate campaigns – have to transmit the same message and all the people involved have to keep this in mind. Your team needs to have the same vision of the brand as you and use the same words, colors and emotions to convey this message of the brand.

– Understand your acquisition and retention funnel

Don’t just look at traffic sources per se and optimize per channel but understand what lies beneath it. Social Media might not bring much traffic and the traffic that does reach your site may not convert but your most valuable customers are also your most engaged fans ? Try to find out what kind of customers each channel brings and try to optimize it in that way. SEM tends to bring big volume orders but very volatile customers ? Try to retain them with special retargeting and remarketing efforts or other retention campaigns tailored to fit their needs. Look at each channel under this aspect: what kind of customers is it bringing you?

– Hire experts who are also doing great stuff in their free time

Especially in a small structure every new person that gets onboard brings a lot of change and bears a lot of risks. The people that you hire will have a huge impact on the success of your enterprise. Not only do you need experts in the field, but also autonomous, passionate and creative co-workers. Look for those who are already doing great in their spare time.

– Content marketing isn’t just about attracting customers

The content you write should not only be destined to appeal to your customers and prospective customers but also to influencers. With your content you want to reach important people who in return impact your future customers. When planning your content strategy take into account what you can achieve by addressing a broader audience and reaching out to influencers.

Rand has written a far more extensive article with a lot of examples and great insight into SEOmoz’s culture and ways of working. You should definitely check out his blog for more info!