Fun day in the backyard

A backyard. Children’s chatter and screams in the background. We see a woman in her 30s is sitting at a table with a book open on her knees. It’s sunny. It’s a wooden table on dark green grass. She is wearing very casual wear in white like a ‘Tunika’, she is comfortable, barefoot, she seems to be at home. She has her toenails painted dark red, she has her hair down and brushes it past her ear while reading and she is not wearing a watch. The camera takes in her figure and then opens up to see the surroundings.


The table in front of her is filled with colourful plastic reusable cups, a cookie jar, some fruit, a big bottle of water and some toys. We turn and instead of seeing the table we now see the woman reading in the front and the backyard opens up to. It’s a wide open space with a big tree, green grass and we hear the laughter of children.

In one corner of the frame (in the left part) we see the woman getting up, pushing back the chair and putting down the book she had been reading. She strolls down to the backyard and when the camera accompanies her walking, the background of the image becomes sharper. There are two kids in a little pool playing around. An inflatable miniature swimming pool and the kids are splashing, running, jumping. They are maybe four and six years old and giggling like crazy and preparing to show their mom a special jump they had been practising. One sitting in the grass, the other one running and jumping over the first kid right into the miniature swimming pool. Splash. The kids scream and laugh at the same time. The mom starts applauding and laughing too. She then takes out a camera and takes a picture of the kids. We see them close up drenched from head to toe but happy as ever.

We are back with the mom and her kids. It has become dark outside, the kids are towel drying their hair and are dressed in pijamas now all snuggled up on a big sofa. Each of them sits on one side of the mother. They are looking into a screen of a macbook sitting on a coffee table. The camera the mother was using earlier is plugged into the computer and we understand that she is transffering the images onto the computer. On the screen we see the smile of the kids with missing teeth, the incredible jump and one kid splashing water at the camera.

We see one kid pointing at the screen and starting to laugh. With wild gestures they are discussing until they agree nodding. It looks like they are selecting the photos.

We see the screen and they are on Camaloon making magnets for the fridge. They hit send and mom hugs the kids. The Inbox pings in the upper right corner of the screen and they have made an order. Kids go to bed, mom sits on the edge of the bed telling a bedtime story, covering them with the blanket or giving a kiss on the forehead.

It’s light again and we see the kids sitting on the big couch. They have their legs tugged under the body and are leaning forward so as to reach the wooden coffee table in front of them. There lie a pile of colourful papers and crayons. The kids are drawing pictures of the family, there are houses, there are candles and people.

Scattered around the table two ribbons and wrapping paper become visible. The kids are concentrated on drawing, taking the crayon in the mouth while thinking or bending over completely lost in the artwork with the tongue sticking out.

They are preparing a gift for their grandmother who will soon turn 80.

We hear a doorbell ringing and see the frontdoor from inside. From the corner of the screen two kids come running in excitedly. They open it on tiptoes (how tall is a 4year old ?) and the mailman becomes visible. They are handed a Camaloon package. The logo should be recognizable and maybe a kid comments on it or makes brooooom sounds tracing the ufo. They close the door and take the package to the sofa and fighting they manage to open it. The mother comes in too and looks over them. They get out the little Magneloon card with a Camaloon playing at the beach and then they find their magnets. Every kid grabs all he can with his hands, one drops some on the floor, mom picks it up and the kids run to the kitchen and stop in front of the fridge sliding to a halt. They put the magnets up and we see them now: it’s their happy faces in the little pool. One kid laughing, one doing a wheel in the air, one rolling into the pool. The camera moves out of the room and we see the kids and the mom pointing at the photos clearly happy about it. They reproduce the wheel they were doing right there on the kitchen floor.

The scene opens with three wrapped gifts on a wooden table. They have beautiful ribbons to hold the colourful paper together and at the foot of each present there is a hand drawn card which reads ‘Grandma’ or “<3” – something universal everybody will understand. The kids run in and each takes a gift outisde. We are back in the huge backyard they had played in. The sun is shining, it is warm outside. They run to a couple of benches underneath the big tree where there is their mom, a dad ? and a grandmother who is sitting carefully on a chair. Next to her they had put up a little table with a cake and a lot of candles, a stack of plates and a jar of fruitjuice with the necessary cups.

The younger kid jumps on the grandmother’s lap and gives her a package she opens carefully. She takes out a set of fridge magnets with the kid’s faces on it. She hugs the younger kid more tightly and gives him kisses on the cheek. She leans down to grab the other kid who was sitting by her feet.