‘Good morning’ he whispers still with his eyes closed. There is only one ray of sunlight that finds its way into the small room and reflects on the white sheets on the bed. She answers with a slight and un-understandable grumb and the same sleepy voice. She lifts her right hand and with slow but unsteady movements desentagles herself from the cocoon of textile she has slept in. ‘Good morning’ she answers while stretching her body. She frees her legs from the bedsheets and moves them out of the heat to fresh air, she rotates her feet and wiggles each toe with its red-painted nails. A full red just light the sunrise outside. She moves every part of her body to shake the sleepiness out of the system. She moves her legs and torso until she can feel the thin hairs on her companions legs on her skin. Slowly, really slowly the two wake up to this new day…

A stack of books

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